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Locker Facility

We are promises you to always remains safe guard for you in any circumstances so now smile and give all tension to us , we offers you a safe and trustworthy place for your jewelry , documents and other things.

We have safe deposit vaults in our bank in different sizes as per your requirement.

Nomination facility available in our bank for future safety.

In lockers we have deposit facility.
For obtaining lockers in mahila bank you must be an account holder of our bank.

Lockers can be allotted both individually as well as jointly, and in an emergency we are appointing an agent with the consent of locker holder.

Customer have to open Saving A/c for only Interest and rent transaction and also have to pay Advance Rent at the time of allotment of locker.

Locker Deposits for different type of lockers is to be deposit along with year advance rent and such deposit remains for the duration of 5 years on that bank will pay interest as per the prescribed rate.

Bank will recover rent as decided by the board from time to time from locker deposit interest. And separate pass book will be issued by the bank for saving bank locker account.

For the closure of locker bank will recover current year locker rent from locker deposit and remaining amount will be paid to the locker holder.


Sr. No. Size Type Deposits Rent
1 SMALL A 5000.00 350.00
2 MEDIUM B 7500.00 500.00
3 LARGE C 15000.00 1000.00
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